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In this modern world, there is no any other bigger platform than media to preach good thoughts, truth, reality and influence the people’s mind. And why not, because the 21th century is the century of communication revolution.

We can suppose it a weapon as many world nations are using it like this to establish their supremacy over others. The more powerful in media’s field is the more superior to others.

Definitely launching a print or electronic media house requires millions rupees to be invested.In next few years, the TV channels’ significance will begin to lessen like print media. Social Media is taking the place of the Newspapers and TV Channels as this age is the age of Social Media that is a true “Alternative Media” for one and all, where everyone can express their thoughts freely.


Inquilab media is a medium to maintain and promote the cherished values ​​of democracy, socialism, secularism, social justice and human dignity, and to help achieve peace and harmony in societies.

This is a news portal where readers can find the best information, recent facts and entertaining news in English, Urdu and Hindi Languages.

Foundation of Inquilab Media : *INQUILAB MEDIAat “`www.inquilabmedia.com is an Indian web news portal launched in 2020 by Mohammed Aebin Sanabili, a budding journalist. *INQUILAB MEDIA’headquarter is situated in New Delhi.Its provides services in Hindi, Urdu & English languages. It’s YouTube channel service is also available at *Inquilab Media https://www.youtube.com/InquilabMedia .The Hindi & Urdu version of Inquilab Media also famous at www.hindi.inquilabmed.com
www.urdu.inquilabmedia.com because, It particularly, tries to give coverage and focus on the important issues which are generally ignored By Mainstream Media.